Learning to fly isn’t all fun and games.  Not everybody who starts Air Force flight school graduates.  Not everyone becomes a pilot.
I’ve always liked fun.  And games.  I like stories that inspire imagination.  I like stories that make me laugh.  I like to fly.  And I loved the people with whom I flew.
In writing IF YOU AIN’T A PILOT…, a memoir about my year as a student pilot at Columbus Air Force Base, MS, in the late 1980’s, I’ve tried to combine all of these elements.  On this website, you’ll learn about my year in Undergraduate Pilot Training, and you’ll learn about my friends from UPT Class 88-07.
I’ve included an excerpt from IF YOU AIN’T A PILOT….  I’ve included some fun Deleted Scenes from the book that will give you an idea about the tone of the work and many of its characters.  I’ve loaded pictures of pilots, parties, and patches in celebration of good times with great friends on which this book was based.
Whether you trained in the Air Force to become a pilot, dreamt of ever becoming a pilot, love to fly, or simply enjoy a good time, I thank you for visiting my website.  Please, click through these pictures, patches, stories, and the truly worthy causes that my great friends have taken on as their own in the years that have followed our experience together as student pilots in the United States Air Force.
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